• Postulate: A great many films have been made.
    • Postulate: Most of these films I have not yet seen.
    • Conclusion: I will watch some of these missed gems and give my thoughts.
    • Result: Amusement and perhaps something of a guide to these artworks of our entertainment industry.

There may be some other thoughts that bubble out amidst the film watching. I’m also a bit of a music and book buff, and will probably add some of my thoughts to that as well.

Who am I to be adding my voice to the already overloaded internet spaces? I’m just your usual PhD, scientist, naturalist, guitar-playing, nerd with a powerful frustration in the way too many people express their preferences on the internet. Too much of it is about the same as hearing someone say they don’t like ketchup. The only way that makes any difference is if you happen to be a well known public figure, or you make ketchup for a living.

What gives a voice value? Why should anyone listen to us? Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? Have you heard that watching things is not the same as skill-building? Is passive entertainment actually dangerous? Have you opened a window recently and screamed out of it, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” and wished you’d maybe said something more useful? If so, this may be for you!

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