I Saw A Film

Here’s a treat. An old Mexican horror film (1963) originally called the Baron of Terror (El Baron del Terror) armed with a wonky rubber mask and a bevy of gorgeous ladies to attack, rolled up in a burrito-like package and fed to the Rifftrax mavens to chew up and laugh heartily at.

First just let me say I’ve been a devout fan of this comic ensemble (Mike, Kevin and Bill) since they came together at the end of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 run (in the late 90s) and have been keeping track of their efforts ever since. These days the real fun for me is when they get their hands on something like this, a completely out-of-copyright and thoroughly inept old monster movie to add their humor to. If you’ve not experienced it this is a good place to start as a pile of these have become free on Prime.

Back to the movie, The Brainiac is about a monstrous baron who was sentenced to death by the inquisition (seemingly for having laid with all their wives) in old Mexico, but having supernatural skills managed to jump a comet instead of dying in the flames. Fast forward 300 years and the comet returns and so does the Baron, landing in a nearby field, where he was executed and by coincidence close to the handful of offspring of his executioners he can now avenge himself on.

The monster hidden inside the suave Baron is a floppy rubber, squid-handed affair that sucks brains out of people. The Baron mostly just stares a lot in a suit. A bit of the movie is spent bringing together these decedents of his medieval executioners. There is also some intentional comic relief in the form of a pair of bumbling cops who are following the murder trail. There is also a lot of hokum about astronomy cluttering up the fun with sleepy dialog. Without the Rifftrax fellows, it would be a tough ride.

Incidentally, this team of Mexican film makers appear in a few other epics. The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy, and some wonderful old Vampire flicks. The director had a few terrific Blue Demon wrestling adventures under his belt. Some of those are gold.

So, strap in and grab a few of these Rifftrax specials, if you love a good laugh, this is a great place to start.

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