I Saw a Film

Filmed in black and white in a post-apocalyptic world, a group of creatures struggle to maintain some sense of decorum within generations of their tribal units. One of the creatures called “Dot” has fallen into a sort of alien love with another very similar (size shape and colors are matching) creature called “Reg”. After undergoing a quick humorous ceremony involving imbibing some decorated food, they inhabit a cramped abode together, but soon enough are distracted by Pete who thrills Reg with racing their pods up and down dilapidated industrial messes, torn by war and impoverishment. You can almost smell the decay. All the characters are dressed in furniture upholstery and drapes. Dot has many head-dresses that seem to annoy Reg. Dot’s eyes are big and close-set around her beak, possibly inspired by a bird. I suppose some might find her endearing.

Dot chases Reg. Pete chases Reg. Reg is the one most desired. But after a bit Dot finds another mate to bunk with, and Reg and Pete are off on their travels, possibly delivering necessary resources to far off encampments. The film-makers did an amazing job creating a realistic looking landscape . . .

Well that’s what I did to enjoy it.

I suppose this is of interest if you were looking to get over your infatuation with Rita Tushingham. Or if you were researching the roots of gay cinematic biker culture. But I must warn you the sexuality is only implied.

This is FREE on Prime.

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