Something a little different. I thought I’d talk a bit about the WTF podcast and Mr. Maron, who has been through some rough times and back. Most recently the sudden death of his girlfriend, director Lynn Shelton. The revelation of which had me in tears on my way to work one morning recently, so be careful with this podcast.

Marc has over a thousand shows and running, covering comics, actors, directors, artists, novelists, politicians (He had Obama!) and a smattering of doctors, thinkers, social critics, activists and philosophers. He keeps the chit chat going, always keeps things interesting, and occasionally produces laughs (good for him he’s actually a comic). His persona is one of grumpy old guy, but he’s neither that grumpy (at least, no more than I am) and not really all that old (just a couple years older than me). He plays good dirty garage rock on his guitars, and takes care of a dwindling number of old cats.

I always end up buying books from the book-writers and I’m never disappointed. He’s got a very current Netflix comedy special worth a watch as well. I also love that he’s been getting into some punk rock, and even mentioned getting some records by The Fall recently. I’ll keep quiet and not interfere with him enjoying that band from the wrong end back (dammit!). I listen to him on Spotify and frankly only recently learned how to use (meaning, fitting them into my life as well as how to actually find and play them!) these podcast thingies just last year. So, if you’re up to your neck in a pile of wild Podcasts maybe you can drop a few on me.


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