I Saw A Film

You gotta love the title! A sprawling spaghetti western centered around a bad-tempered world of thugs, wealth and power. Our protagonist (Tomas Milian, misspelled on the lobby card) is left for dead in a vile racist double cross. That doesn’t quite have the power of The Good the Bad and the Ugly, but it does have a baddie who looks something like Lee Van Cleef.

The dialog is, of course, dubbed, but also mostly infantile, which adds a level of amusement to an otherwise authentically sweaty and dirty portrayal.

There are so many bad guys in this “good bad and ugly” mess that it soon loses any kind of focus, especially with the addition of two unusual women grasping for survival and maintenance of family. Forget it, the shoot-outs win with the introduction of piles of stolen gold. The guns sound like Star Wars blasters and the gun-fighters are such terrible shots you’d think they were slinging rocks at each other (which is actually probably realistic).

Django’s pals are a pair of South Western Native Americans (looking like turn-of-the-last-century Navajos or Paiutes or something played by slightly dark-skinned Mediterraneans) who kind of steal the show, mostly by staying out of the action until necessary.

The town were most of the action takes place is meant to be an odd place, the Native Americans call it “Unhappy Place” but it seems to resemble the little village Yojimbo stumbles upon in the famous Kurosawa film of the same name.

It’d been a while since I’d sat through a two hour gunslinger revenge tale, and the hard part of this one was that the direct baddie gets offed rather quickly in the film, so you’re left having to redirect Django’s wrath a number of times.

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