While I only Just learned about today as a holiday, it’s about time we celebrated moving away from the castigation of fellow human beings as lesser beings. I realize that many blue collar friends have trouble wrapping their heads around the protests, the slogan “Black Lives Matter” and an entire slew of other cultural events with which we hope to move toward better service and relation with one another.

It’s kind of mindboggling that after possibly 14 thousand or so years of civilization and about three thousand to four thousand years of historical record, and piles of 2500 year old literature and wisdom handed down through the ages by our great forebears, that we still have solved most of our immediate issues, those being Racism, Tribalism, depression, poverty, love and bad jokes.

There are other problems too, but these hit me immediately as we speak. Most of our issues stem from a lack of understanding of our own biology and our maintenance of a feudal class system. Our silly faith in whatever has been handed down to us by our parents and community has to end. We need to teach more self-criticism and less nonsense about trying to punch our problems into non-existence.

Anyway, raise a drink, exercise some introspection and put on some Coltrane.

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