This is basically an “Elvis movie” without Elvis, but with the very cute Mamie Van Doren who is like a mini cross between Mansfield and Mae West (but leaning toward cute, rather than sultry). This film is set around rodeos, and There’s a ton of rodeo footage, trick riding, calf roping, and such built around a series of songs. Mamie’s songs are generally big-band style and don’t fit the para-rockabilly form that the movie lights up with. The most confusing of her songs is one about separating men from boys, which seems to suggest that she prefers men who come on strong. An odd choice for a lady who regularly gets mashed on.

The best line of the film is in response to what it’s like riding bulls, he says something like: You stop living for 10 seconds and go blind! Sold!

The lousy part of the film is that she’s got to play this rather annoying damsel-in-distress over and over again so that her beau can get into fist-fights. It’s not much of a theme for a film, but as a short and sweet slice of entertaining kitsch it works well.

You can see this on Prime reasonably cheaply.

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