I Saw A Film!

Have you ever wished for a film about lady pirates who then become prisoners in an anything-goes Philippine grass-hut penitentiary, get abused by some awful masculine pig characters and end up in a jungle chase exchanging gunfire and having sloppy karate fights? You Have?! Well you are in luck my friends, because if you can keep your attention on the screen long enough, this film delivers! What it delivers is something like gorgeous ladies of wrestling but in bell-bottoms and out doors.

Ostensibly a film about trying to locate a lost sister, this thing goes off the rails quickly and is really just an excuse for these lovely ladies to be serving up action on action with some action on top (also lots of lovely boobs). Most of the fight sequences are so heavily edited that you’ll be howling with laughter at the cuts, jumps, and sped up bits.

Truth is I can’t even really give you a feel for the story-line as it was so indiscernible throughout that it just didn’t matter. In fact, i just read that they were in the prison “undercover”. I did not know this, nor did I know pirates went undercover as anything.

I really can’t say much more about this sweet little dinner entertainment, except that the director is Cirio Santiago and he’s got a few of these sweethearts under his belt and are good fun.

Free on Prime my friends! Free.

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