I Saw A Movie!

James Caan is a badass. I recently listened to a Marc Maron WTF podcast in which he spoke with the famous actor’s son. The son did get across that old man Caan was not the best dad, big surprise, but was definitely a badass.

I enjoy Caan in most things he’s in, from Freeie and the Bean to Bottle Rocket, but this film has so many great performers it’s hard to choose who really steals the show. You’ve got Robert Duvall as Caan’s turn-coat partner. You’ve got the always great Burt Young as his trusty right-hand man, and you’ve got Bo Hopkins and Mako! Hell you’ve got ninjas in this thing that plays half kung-fu theater and half sneaky spooks mysteriously shooting one another, presumably for cash and country.

Are you not entertained? Well, ya win some ya lose some, so says our hero.

There are some rather off the cuff flippant magical events, Burt, the driver, suddenly has a feeling about the car, and stops and crawls under during their getaway, locating a bomb planted there. He just felt that “something wasn’t right”. Good instincts. I suppose that’s what you need for secret agent life. At first you think Bo Hopkins’ character is a psychopath blasting a cop, but, he realizes that despite being dressed like a cop, it couldn’t be a cop because he’s got the wrong kind of handgun. Hmm . . . seems a bit of a hokey risk to take, but you know, I’m not a secret agent.

A good chunk of the film is spent just watching Caan recover from wounds and then work out with his Karate teachers. He’s determined to not retire from the biz.

While he’s recovering there’s a bit of tough-guy mushy stuff with a nurse who he ditches in the second act. My girlfriend would not be happy with this film, she really only enjoyed films as long as there was some kind of love interest for her to attach to. So be forewarned if you’ve got that sort of lady in your life, she’s gonna need to watch some rom-com to make up for this one!

The finale of swords and ninjas and guns takes place on a bunch of decommissioned warships. So there’re plenty of railings and odd-shaped corners for guys to poke around and fall off of. Good thinking really! Mako has to have a samurai sword fight with the badguy and Caan is taking odds.

This one is also free on Prime! You really can’t go wrong. Lots of excellent Burt Young stuff in this one. I love that guy!

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