Cheech and Chong, along with a few of their friends from Up In Smoke, and Next Movie (Paul Reubens, Evelyn Guerrero and Stacy Keach), are calculating businessmen, making a killing selling drugs and ice cream while checking out the ladies and strumming their guitar. Under their beach house (not too shabby!) is a hidden grow farm! The problem is the pot has somehow attained a disturbing side effect, it slowly turns folks into iguanas. Including the main officer tasked with taking Cheech and Chong down, Sgt. Stedenko (Keach).

To say there is a boggling amount of disconnected and very silly “adventure” antics in this third installment of their brand of “stream of consciousness” film-making would be like saying a lot of stink comes out of a zoo. Most of the film just circles around our heroes trying to have a good time with Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll, and has a plot like a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic book. Plot is overrated however and generally should only be a concern when we’re talking about strict genre films. Cheech and Chong prefer to make films that somewhat resemble life in their strange pinball-like happenstance. The fellows fall into and out of oddball situations, but this doesn’t mean they bend reality. Most of us can tell a tale or two that involve nearly missed scrapes, lewdness, and foolish choices. We can only hope most of these tales are as generally harmless as a Cheech and Chong film.

The fellows have managed to produce a sizable nest egg in their ice cream/weed enterprise and just as we hear them discussing their plans (Chong wants more guitars, like any good guitar player) we can be sure that no such fantasies will be realized. But they do manage to grab some Chinese food where things start to go awry. Enter Guerrero who fawns all over Cheech, and soon enough leads the fellows on a merry escapade of sex and jilted former lovers who just happened to escape prison and are hell-bent on violence. Cheech is soon dangling outside the hotel like a naked Buster Keaton. Inside the hotel room with Donna doing a fellatio trick with ice (so that’s where I saw that).

There is a moment in a van where Cheech mugs the camera about whether or not he should have sex with a now passed out Donna, when some cops are about to arrest him, and Chong arrives with the very scary ice cream truck. There’s a huge smoking clown head on the thing that does not invite nice dreams.

For Cheech and Chong you go in a door, to sex and drugs, and out a door to a chase. Before long the boys are introduced to Timothy Leary who turns them on to LSD. I suppose the one thing missing from their pot-addled life has long been psychedelics. Cheech has a memorable dream sequence starring Michael Winslow, he of 10,000 sound effects who would go on to be annoying as all get out in the Police Academy films. He also had a minor bit in Next Movie, actually licking Chong while Cheech tried to get laid by Guerrero in an unemployment office.

This film was supposedly a 3.5 page script that they story-boarded out and fattened with improvised dialog. Half the fun of a production like this might have been to just let us watch them actually make the damned thing. I remember, back in the day, reading a little article someplace about Cheech and Chong at a hotel for an interview that Brooke Sheilds was staying at and Brooke’s handler getting her rapidly out of the pool when the boys arrived! Now isn’t that a better story actually? These films were useful to me as a kid, while I was much too serious a teen to enjoy them as comedy, they did instill in me a very workable, everyman’s disdain for drug culture. I possibly got too much from the film, which worked better on me than a 1000 hours of D.A.R.E. or “just say no!”

By the end of the film the money is gone, of course, Reubens took it (or didn’t) and the boys are stuck having to strip tease in a club, where they reveal, pretty good bodies for stoners. I’m convinced they spent a lot more time in the gym then they let on!

This, like all the Cheech and Chong silliness is about four bucks on Prime.

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