I Saw A Film!

With an appearance by none other than Sonny Barger who would become much more famous as a prominent instigator of violence and unfortunate defensive noise after Altamont (which if you don’t remember is where a young black man was knifed to death, after wielding a pistol, and loads of other folks were brutally beaten with pool cues by Barger and various “Angels”). I did not realize Sonny was already something of a star (and consultant on this film) when Altamont happened, which may have played into some of the awful events of that free show (a reputation was being maintained), but this is two years prior and we’re getting a touch of the motorcycle gang fixation through the eyes of a wanna be member of the gang, played by none other than Jack Nicholson (already with significant comb-over).

The tale follows the rather dull and childlike undertakings of a branch of Hell’s Angels lead by Adam Roarke of numerous biker pictures (IMDB says he did 9! It was a thing!) Anyway, it’s all fights and parties and you better really love motorcycles, leading up to Nicholson getting inducted with a variety of fluids being splashed onto him. Soon enough he’s got the leader’s girl played by Sabrina Scharf who was in Easy Rider with Jack too.

There’s a sweet party where an artist does some fun painting on some cute ladies’ breasts, tummies and legs. And a most child-like church wedding in Nevada. But before long Nicholson’s character is becoming disillusioned with the endless irreverence and battling, but not so much the deaths caused by gang’s carelessness. The final straw, as it usually is, is the lack of loyalty of his lover. Hey some people can hang with swingers some can’t! But if the most evil thing you can come up with for your film is the promiscuity of one of your ladies, you need to dig a little deeper!

The end is a downer, and the funny “Charlies Angels” music stingers that are peppered throughout make this feel like it was made for television.

Free ON Prime!

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