It’s 1964 and we have here another movie, similar in casting to Eegah! in which Arch Hall Jr. and Senior star. They also have Richard Kiel again! Though this time instead of playing a giant caveman he’s a giant ranch hand. Always good fun!

What we have here is a spy spoof before they became all the rage. The Japanese spy looks just like Yankee stereotypes of Japanese soldiers from WWII. He keeps squinting and falling out of trees (ouch!), the Mexican spy wears an enormous sombrero and bandoleers and brandishes a telescope, the German spy is just a full on Nazi who regularly salutes as though he spots the fuhrer, the lady spy, well she’s just a hottie, and finally the Russian spy, well, he’s the one transporting a bunny loaded with a deadly bacteria that he intends to release into ‘murika to cause all sorts of very unfunny death. He explains away his Ruskie accent by telling everyone he’s half Native American, then mugs the camera and rolls his eyes about how dumb Americans are (Agreed! buddy!).

Before long we’re watching people belly laugh as a midget tries to rope a steer. Arch Hall Jr. gets his geetar all tuned up, and and he basically reprises his role as young rock-n-roll lady-killer from Eegah! and Wild Guitar.

I’m sorry to say that there’s nothing much of interest to report here except maybe that the shenanigans, verdant and stupid as they are, seem to have been very in fashion in this era of terrible race relations and awful cold war / communism fears. The fact that folks would put on this much “clown” show for a film seems to suggest a desperation of escapism. Maybe I’d be accused of just not enjoying a good clean laugh, but none of this is even on a par with The Monkees that I adored as a youngster and where Richard Kiel did a guest spot (as Frankenstein) a little later on. I’m reminded of Hogan’s Heroes a lot.

I don’t know what to tell you, if you’re an Arch Hall Jr. fan and I suppose in a sort of guitar strumming and pudgy chipmunk-faced way he’s got some charisma, this might be a film you need to seal your deal with his little spurt of early sixties totally hokey fun. Though I haven’t seen that one where he’s the psycho holding the people hostage . . . may have to dial that one up soon!

In the meantime, you will only groan when someone voices over the rabbit a couple of times, and the Japanese spy falls out of the tree again with his WWII Arisaka rifle. But don’t take my word for it . . . well, maybe you should.

About the only good thing is that it’s free on prime!

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