I Saw A Film!

In the Old West, a small town is dominated by a singular personality, Seaweedhead Greaser, who collects tribute and maintains a saloon with a caged mariachi band. The lout eventually slays his son, meanly, and possibly for being a homosexual. This place is visited by a comical magician and healer who happens to be able to perform some of the Christ’s abilities.

Well, first he parachutes in where a frontier woman is burying her dead husband and slain son (who I just learned from the IMBD page was Robert Downey Jr. ). The newcomer locates the tyrant’s slain son and Resurrecting him with the phrase “If you Feel you heal”, they make their way to the dusty town. Where the son is not only slain again, all sorts of other meanness prevail. It’s hard to tell if we’re meant to be amused, as it’s a bewildering and violent mix of harshness.

The healer wants to make his way to Jerusalem, he tell us, to be a performer, but little more explanation of this strange idea is on offer. He manages a pretty good walking on water dance, and disappearing act, which, especially given the period, should have totally knocked ’em dead.

Throughout we watch old Seaweedhead make his way to the outhouse located on the roof of his saloon, only to emerge disgruntled and shaking his head to those who followed him up there. I didn’t work out on my own that he’s meant to be horribly constipated. What can I tell you, I just thought we were meant to chuckling at the lunacy of it. I just watched this thing and I honestly can’t tell you much more about it, except there’s a bit of a coming full circle due to a crucifixion sequence. It’s hard to tell if things are meant to be taken literally, or if the whole thing is meant to just be someone’s fever dream (as we’re told several times of the young resurrected fellow’s dreaming). I really would have accepted basically any kind of solution to the whimsy and violence. Hell they could have all gone fishing and it would have been just fine.

This is free on Prime and written and directed by Robert Downey Jr.’s Dad.

Should you watch it? Only if you really like “art house” style stuff, or a Robert Downey Jr. stickler (he doesn’t get to do much) or you just really like unusual New Testament retellings.

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