I Saw a Film!

A product of the Stallone Brothers, Sly writing and directing and Frank writing and performing music with Travolta reprising his Saturday Night Fever role, but this time trying to take it onto the stages of Manhattan. I have to say that I never saw the original SNF and relied mainly on friends descriptions and my stingy dislike of disco style and purpose to dismiss it as a teen. This film has far less disco music in it, and relies a lot on generic guitar rock power-ballads. The early eighties were an era where the ladies and their beaus looked very much alike. Hairstyles rather converged in the day, puffy mullets and shoulder pads were worn by everyone.

It’s easy to like an underdog, and Travolta’s Tony is an easy to like blue-collar waiter shaking his ass, and washing his clothes in the shower in hopes of the big gamble. Of course, this is where Hollywood does us all this miserable disservice of teaching us to cling to hopes and dreams until we become dried up broken husks of failures strewn on the walks of life, but that’s not what happens to Tony, and of course, a vanishingly tiny percentage of tryouts for these lunatic dance shows performed–at least in this film–for suited up silver-hairs in an antique theater. Good for them! Just ONCE I’d like a more realistic film about how to pull your head out of your ass and accept the logical end of chasing a dream! Americans don’t like those tales and despite the fact that the vast majority of us are rather pragmatic blue-collar folks, we still drop our hard earned dollars on these types of stories probably, in spite of our own dreams blowing away like the endless scratch off cards sold in convenience stores and automated machines all over the place. Still it’s hard not to enjoy Tony joking about being late because his Rolls was towed.

As far as the movie goes it’s pretty empty. If you enjoy a lot of weird dancing montages and goofy costumes leading up to a massive stage show that looks something like a gentleman’s club act writ-large with a Cats flavor, then maybe this is your brand of enema. I’m not the audience for it. I allow for this sort of thing in Bollywood productions but there’s something more playful in their item numbers that we’re missing, though the melodrama is just as steamy. Tony is torn between two ladies, one is a well-off semi successful dancer, the other is an up and coming singer in a band and terrific dancer (of that movie sort, which is lots of cheerleader moves and hip thrusts). Tony basically manages to work both ladies, and in the end seems to elect to stick with the . . . um . . . well . . . hmmm.

Anyway this runs free on Prime and looks like an episode of Fame! There was a lot of this dance stuff going around at the time.

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