I Saw A Film!

Nasty Italian murder mystery set in London. The Italians (based on such films) like their murders visceral and dramatically, if ridiculously, explained.

A lovely young lass having an affair with her favorite professor witnesses a murder from a little boat as they drift and get frisky. The professor thinks she’s hysterical, but soon learns that another young lass has been gruesomely done in with a blade left inside her. Next we are treated to an array of college professors at the school, each one of them an amazing cartoon of a professor. Their manner, ferret-like, bugging eyes, with patched elbows, pipes and whatnot, just scream stereotyped academic of the likes none of us ever have experienced. What a pity! Only our protagonist, Fabio Testi, long and bearded with grace and spooky ability to stand glowering seems to begin to feel he’s central to the murder. And soon enough more begin to happen.

Meanwhile Testi is fighting with his gorgeous wife, also a professor who is either aware of his infidelities or just likes to tease the shit out of him about them, always seems on the verge of ending their relations. Cops come and go, lots of dramatic music, and point of view camera for the killer, who is powerful enough to drown full grown women in a bathtub leaving them to be found by our rattled professor.

While American slasher films generally go all hyper supernatural by this time, this thing just creeps along without an inch of hope of understanding who is to blame for the killings. It’s really not much fun in that whodunit sense. But if you like looking at boobs, you’re in good hands.

I won’t give the ending away, but suffice it to say it’s not the first time you’re going to hear an elaborated psycho-analytical proposal for the awful killings, and with a ridiculous moralistic, conservative bow.

This is free on Prime and largely a good choice if you’re just not in the mood for a good god-fearing Miike Takashi film (Ichi the Killer could use some of this pacing!). I still love Italian cinema, but mainly because there’s something about those lasses. Also, I’ll say this again, if you have not been on the youtubes and watched Italian Spiderman you’ve really denied yourself some fun.

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