A pretty good Italian spy-action creation starring a lean mean Ken Clark (of Attack of the Giant Leeches!) as CIA Agent 077 (see what they did there?) and made to look quite international with super-imposition of Eiffel towers, Big Bens and Greek seasides. They might actually have gone to the Parthenon (where I learned that folks used to sell souvenir 35mm slide sets–it never occurred to me), but certain rooftop gunfights get no attention from the people on the ground in London, even when one of the thugs falls off a roof, yeowling all the way down. Londoners I suppose could be quite inured to the goings-on of thugs on rooftops.

This is the usual Red Scare stuff with the Chinese and Russians chasing a tiny nuclear device in a shiny steel case. I’d have transferred it to standard luggage right off the bat, as the silly thing is a bit too obvious in it’s weird gleaming chrome package. Of course, it apparently weighs nothing, and requires little in the way of might to lug around. Clark’s 077 gets into scrape after scrape and it’s clear that someone had some Judo training, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone attempt a cross hand choke in a movie before, and there’s at least one solid tomoenage into a burbling pool (I’m not quite sure if that was supposed to be a hot spring or not).

The secret agent’s life is having to make split second decisions about violent reaction in order to battle his way through things, and I’ve always found it fun to wonder if the writers actually intended these scrapes or just didn’t know how to write themselves out of the captures and gun-points. I mean if you can just beat the world up and take what you want, are you the “good guy”? I suppose anyone in a fez is your enemy and so we’re talking about a “Black Lily” and a lovely woman agent replacement played by Mitsuoko who starred in a slew of these spy films back in the day (the secret message said check for boob moles, she’s missing the boob moles (we don’t get to see) — argues she had them removed!). It isn’t quite as bad as just having a black waxed mustache or a foreign face, placing your position on the enemy gage, but it’s pretty close.

There are three of these adventures, I’m hoping to lock in on the other two soon. The world is almost quaint in these 50+ year old features. People hop on and off transport without so much as a hand-stamp and random clerks taking travel reservations freely give out the names of other passengers! Nuclear bombs can be carried about like ladies purses, and firearms sound like sci-fi lasers. It’s hard not to love it.

It’s about 3 bones on Prime and good fun.

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