A bevy of lovely showgirls on their way to Vegas get stuck in the desert in their sweet old station wagon. Soon enough they find themselves in the clutches of a desert madman who appears to imagine the ladies he’s collected–he’s got a barn full–are a kind of performance piece he can whip into shape wearing a tophat. Circus! He also has a cougar, just for fun. Doesn’t seem terribly interested in the cougar though.

The madman is played by Andrew Prine who did a ton of TV from Barretta to Six Feet Under. The film makes it look pretty easy to keep a barn-full of ladies on chains. No one seems to need a bath or a bathroom break, nor seems to think of wiggling the chain over their heads (I suppose we’re supposed to imagine that can’t be done). A couple of the ladies have gone spooky nuts. Eventually we start to realize that the nuclear testing facilities have had some kind of effect on the locals–damn gub’ment.

At one point he’s got the ladies all roped to a millstone type mechanism and having them turn it while he whips them. Most of the terror in this thing is of that sort until we realize he’s got his old pappy in a shed, and right about the end we finally see the monster he’s become, and it’s a pretty good make-up job! I don’t know why they saved it for a glimpse only at the end.

It’s got a bit of the “Crimson Executioner” feel to it, just without the elaborate dungeon or snazzy castle.

That’s about all there is to this one. Ladies on chains sitting barefoot on straw. Make sure, if you’re a showgirl heading to Vegas, that your piece of shit car can get through the desert!

this is free on Prime, and maybe Free isn’t quite enough? It would be fun if they could remunerate us for watching certain things, maybe a little credit toward the next purchase.

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