I Saw A Film!

How do you like your thrillers? With lots of chickens? Well you’re in luck, as some clever Italians have put together a crazy ass thriller with a prostitute murdering husband (though, actually . . . well, we’ll get to it) and his angry wife (Gina Lollobridgida), and a very cute but conniving cousin.

I’m not sure I can do this justice without giving it all away, so I’m just going to apologize up front. The shock here isn’t so much that there’s a crazed killer on the loose, but instead a fellow with a kinky murder fantasy who pays the prostitutes to play along. By the time you’re seeing one of the ladies removing the gag he applied herself, in a quick take, it’s quite confusing. There’s also a very confusing sequence of a traffic accident interspersed with some aggressive driving. We’re mostly thinking about a three-way romantic intrigue that is distractingly overlaid with some of the most jarring, Derek Bailey (look him up) style guitar noise-jazz you’ve ever had in a film. Plus, poultry, lots and lots of poultry.

Here’s the deal, the conniving cousin assumes the murder-fetish prostitute-loving husband is an actual killer. These things are bound to be misunderstood. And she has her beau murder Gina Lollobridgida to frame the presumed killer husband so they can inherit the farm! That’s not too convoluted, right? The deal is however, they’ve botched their understanding, as all the prostitutes jokingly explain to the cops that they’ve all been “killed” by the fellow a number of times, but that he’s terrific and they love him. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a film that put the strange murder-fetish on the main character in the film, rather than leaving it where it belongs, on us! Yes, I know, but think about it. Who are these films made for? So many of them, for so long! We’re the wacky fetishists. Actors are all just role-playing to entertain us!

The real victims here are the chickens, and there is some striking and goofy stuff. Loving close-ups, a bizarre office where just their living heads peep through a wall, and lots of pecking away at trays with implied people turned into chicken feed by the wacky Rube Goldberg-esque contraption. It immediately reminded me of the outlandish execution device the king devised in Crossing Swords, a hilarious animation cleverly using Play-mobile toys on Hulu right now that I highly recommend.

This is a very unusual mess of a film. You’ll enjoy looking at Ewa Aulin, a Sweedish Goldie Hawn, who dropped out of films early on, probably because there was already a Goldie Hawn. You’ll find the opening chick development sequences hard to look at, you’ll wonder about the crazy music, and whether or not the birds are really “boneless” (like a Gary Larson cartoon joke) and you’ll find yourself laughing at the contrivance, but it’s always fun when the innocent beauties turn out to be the real monsters! Much more like real life, right?

This is Free on Prime, subtitled.

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