Think of this as more or less a PSA.

If you’ve been paying attention, and not everyone has, you’ve watched a colossal mess of an administration play itself off as some variation of a winning team on the night of a city fire, bank robbery and massive court settlement. We’ve seen cops brutalizing demonstrators and our leadership condemning the unrest as nothing short of terrorism. They didn’t stop there with their fear-mongering either, and they went on acting as if these protests were heading for each and every individual’s garden and sports car to loot, rape and pillage as the “Huns” see fit. Let alone the wildfires currently devastating the nation beyond anything we’ve ever witnessed. Let alone that year after year sees stupid violence and vandalism based around folks reacting like perfect freaking loons to sports, and sometimes not just losses, but also expected wins. And let alone that in most nations when demonstrators aren’t met with storm troopers, little happens in the way of violence or any other sort of problem.

Of course, we are a nation that while idolizing the past accomplishments of heroes like MLK we like to forget that many who were there at the time were only happy to agree as long as they didn’t have to face Malcolm X or the Black Panthers (who cleverly used the a conservative constitutional approach to make sure they were well armed).

It will not be long before patrolling Panthers are watching cops at their stops to make sure no monkey-business erupts. Unless real changes are implemented.

Let’s return to our fearless leader, arguably erected as head of the nation by an online loose association of 4chan (its descendants) and other basement agitators whose main culture (online) was based around the total mockery and debasement of basically everything.

Dale Beran published an excellent book last year:

An entertaining survey of the flames that ended up instigating, through the creation of endless memes espousing hate and violence, the eventual elevation to presidency of a howlingly silly lout-burger named Trump. Who beforehand had never been more than a kind of pop-culture joke, and whose ability to inflame unrest in minorities and women was at a fever pitch.

A new film based around much of this culture is called Feels Good, Man and is the story of artist Matt Furie and his creation Pepe the Frog from his old comic strip Boy’s Club. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime right now for about 5 bucks. The film explores Beran’s book, and other watch groups keeping tabs on the worst the internet has to offer, as well as Furie’s attempts to recover and re-brand (once again) his own creation: Pepe the Frog, which fell into the hands of worst of the hate groups and ended up being horribly used to represent right-wing, militant racist, and other foul and anti-social ideology. A highlight is right-wing, goofy nutrition supplement hawker Alex Jones being taken to court over his use of the image of Pepe. He’s basically an evil character from a comic book himself, and it’s a pleasure to see him mail out a check.

As far as the film goes, it’s an eye-opener into the times we currently inhabit with our internet influenced world. And it’s a moving tribute to an mild-mannered artist trying to wrestle his art back from the misuse of the worst of our culture. Which never seems to really go away, it just keeps re-branding itself. In the long run it’s really just the KKK in another mask.

This article along with a Fresh Air interview with the author are well worth your time if you’ve been wondering what the heck all this nonsense about Q is. I’ll shortcut it for you. When you’re trying to support something as vile as Trump, you need to make the other guys somehow look worse. The best way to do this is to just invent the most loopy and heinous lies about the opposition you can. And so, and I am not kidding as I write this, you get people who are pushing the entirely insane idea that the Democrats (lead by Hillary and Obama) are literally sexually abusing children and (it’s hard to even type this) eating them. While you let that sink in, remember that there was an event with a gunman at a Pizza restaurant that none-other than Alex Jones suggested was where children were being held. That gunman ended up not hurting anyone, but he was there because he believed the rot these people try to pursue as reality. The craziest of these ideas isn’t even the cannibalism, it’s their allegation that Trump is a world crusader trying to topple this ancient cabal of evil-doers. Trump. That complete orange idiot we daily have to contend with talking pure drivel into a twitter-verse. That goon who can’t make an ethical decision but instead just asks, are they for me or against me? If you’re for him, you’re liked by him, no matter your modus operandi. And so Q is somehow this mysterious insider who writes in riddles and vagaries that people (usually religious and unusually credulous folks) wholeheartedly buy into. Luckily it’s a very small set of people, but at this time there are Congressional Seats being fought for by proponents of these cryptic and loony conspiracy theories (though as of this writing, some of them are distancing themselves from the worst of the fantasies).

I can understand why people like fantasy. I get why they have for centuries enjoyed pouring over Nostradamus (“dumb ass”) and the Book of Revelations. Every generation has its field of alluring but cornball prophetic “answers”. There are people who can’t seem to let go of “revealed” truth from “scriptural” secret sources. It’s great fun to decode. And of course, we know that people really only like to support their own ideas. So when you give a goofball a book of revelations expect that person to locate some amazing nonsense that wholeheartedly gives them the right to buy a new car, and get drunk every Saturday night. Just saying.

OK hope you enjoy the book, the film, and the article!

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