I Saw A Film!

Another of those fighting ladies on the anti-heroic model mixed up in a major money heist being planned by a Latin American generalissimo and assisted by a band of skalawags lead by Sid Haig as a cigar-chomping low-rent version of Eli Wallach from The Good the Bad and the Ugly. This film owes a bit more to that old fettuccine western in that it’s basically a triangle of feuding factions each of which has its underhanded issues (if not careless for its own, then certainly careless with others). Toss in an American con-artist and playboy in the shape of a mustachioed — heck I don’t know him, looking him up I see he’s John Ashley perhaps most famous for having produced a lot of The A-team (which this film possibly prepared him for).

The film starts off rough, ladies are assassinated and banana republic soldiers are merciless, but it soon titrates out to a sort of iffy comedy, only to slip back and forth with some vileness that seems, in hindsight, unfortunate. Ashley’s character starts the film out with a kind of cute narrative about what we’re in for, but soon enough the murderin’ and the rapin’ kind of dampen the mood. Perhaps that’s what’s most fun about some of these “classic” crap-fests is that ethics and morality seem to get lost in the exuberance of creating. But look it’s Sid Haig! And he’s hard not to enjoy regardless of his crouching down to stay in the frame. The lovely ladies are fun, rather Charlie’s Angels like and squinting like daughters of Eastwood as they get into gunfights in their shiny butt-huggers, raiding in their bright orange jeep.

I can’t really tell you much more as plot-wise it really doesn’t seem to make much difference. Do we really care who ends up on top? I almost expected the finale to be a giant cream pie fight.

For free on Prime and a must for any Sid Haig (you know who you are) and sexy ladies with machine-guns aficionados (that’s basically anyone).

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