I Saw a Film!

In which a so-square-he’s-basically-milk Vietnam Sargent played by Tony Young (of much 70s-80s television) faces off against a biker gang for the wholly avoidable murder of his girlfriend. As far as I can tell, having watched a great many of these old films, biker gangs are basically where people who can’t ever admit they’re wrong end up. The gang leader, played by the ubiquitous William Smith, body builder and nearly a PhD (if our info is to be trusted), isn’t really terribly fond of the killer either, so it’s a bit confusing why the film carries on as long as it does.

The final message of the show is that riding Kawasaki dirt bikes (something of a commercial for them) is better than the big hogs and that a bunch of Green Berets can get their hands on a supply of military equipment and fire mortars and tear gas in order to bring the jackasses in. Luckily despite all the mortaring no one is injured.

There isn’t anything in the way of a love story, and the only “romantic” aspect is between the killer, and his now estranged honey, who our hero Mitch does manage a minor fling with. But again he’s so square I’m sure she injured herself on him.

This one is really a disappointment in terms of a revenge story or for the love of the bikes, or the California landscape. Very little camera love is given over to appreciating the pleasure of freedom, and in the end we’re stuck with just a television level “war” between some berets and some bikers who can’t really shoot back. Good if you’re having trouble sleeping.

This is free on Prime. And the poster lies, our hero doesn’t have a chopper- he rides a Kawasaki dirt bike!

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