An amazingly wild fantasy featuring an amusing western gun-slinger tasked with escorting a lovely gypsy “princess” back to Spain. Bizarrely, the Europe our protagonists land in seems to be undergoing several various millennia of historic upheavals including Moors, and what looks like Alaric the Great and a Shakespeare quoting nobleman as well as a variety of other perils.

When all things are equal, you should fight fair, but otherwise, get mean. Things get odd from here, and our Stranger (as that’s what he’s called) ends up chased by bulls, and spitted over a fire for roasting among other strange experiences as he promises a treasure, which always gets the attention of vying forces.

I can’t think of another such film that so freely plays games with history amidst a spaghetti western plotting. The film is apparently the last of a series and this episode didn’t get much notice, and was only released on home video in 2015, according to Wikipedia. The comic bits are somewhat attenuated by the fact of so much violence. Topped in the end by the Stranger locating a massive revolver firing rocket-sized ammunition.

This runs free on prime, and I’m now piqued to locate the previous four films of the series! I mean what more could you ask for?

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