I Saw a Film! again.

It’s been a while, I was right at the age this would have mattered to me most, and did know the girls who were influenced by Pat Benetar. I had vague memories of Sean Penn, but thought he had more import in the film. In fact, I thought the film had more scenes, I barely noticed it this pass. I remember roaring with laughter when Penn’s Spicoli called the history teacher a dick in that slacker manner he perfected for the film, this time though, it seemed tame and reserved. Is it just that I’ve gone nearly 40 years without a return, or is calling someone a dick, with or without the affect of surfer culture, just mildly amusing?

I had not remembered Robert Romanus in a remarkable hustler role, that quite nearly overshadows the memorable Sean Penn burn-out routine. Sadly the obsession with the kids, other than making money, or getting stoned, is bragging about being good lovers. This bragging is a little inadvertent coming largely from high school girls. Looking back at this I’d forgotten Jennifer Jason Leigh at 15, got dragged out to a ballpark to get screwed by a twenty-six year old in a dugout. Lucky girl!

Judge Reinhold gets stuck in some dead end jobs that entail nothing but degradation. Been there. I was working at Burger Chef when I saw this film. Our uniforms were pretty shitty, but nothing like foam pirate hats. And the film ends abruptly with a foiled robbery in a convenience store that was unlikely to supply any real life support for our characters.

All in all, the teenage coming-of-age moves are done better on Big Mouth, but for nearly 40 years ago it’s not a bad try.

it’ll run you 4.00 bucks on Prime

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