I Saw A Film !

It’s easy to forget that our popular concept of animated dead, the zombie, was originally a “voodoo” curse leveled on unfortunate people through a spiritual manipulation of death. The concept rather well understood (see The Serpent and the Rainbow from a couple decades back) involves a well measured poisoning that causes a kind of paralysis and experiencing one’s own funeral. Later once revived the “zombie” has undergone a harrowing experience that leaves them at least somewhat devoted to their savior and may in fact be happy to do the bidding of their new master. That ‘s a lot of background for this enjoyable monster film, which just assumes you accept the dead as risen and commandable through a deal with the voodoo equivalent of Hades, in this film named Baron Samedi.

Our darling, Sugar Hill on what should have been one of the happier moments of her life, has a marriage proposal from her boyfriend ruined by a bunch of gangsters who off the club owner right in front of her. But they overlooked her resolve and when she enlists the help of an aged and respected voodoo queen, she gets the use of an army of undead, cheaply layered in make-up effects, bugging-eyes and tattered outfits.

The rest of the film is spent in creative zombie revenge, as any good story of wronged damsel should be. Samedi is played by Don Pedro Colley who appeared on a lot of television shows, including the Dukes of Hazzard as Sheriff Little for a number of episodes, and is still working! Sugar Hill is played by Marki Bey who did a stint on Starsky and Hutch among other television appearances back in the day. Granted the film is cheaply made, but it has earnestness, and as I’ve said in the past no movie is bad just because it’s cheaply made, in fact, overpriced effects spectacles are often the worst films you’ll have to sit through. Consider the series of Transformers movies as example. I won’t say more.

This is free on prime and tons of fun in fashion and concept.

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