I Saw A Film!

Country folk come into some money and go to the state fair, which completely changes their lives. I feel like someone should probably have known the cute sixteen year old daughter — doing a poor man’s Marsha Brady– was going to fall for the “wall of death” motorcycle guy. Her brother goes for gypsy dancer Carmelita who learns the family has just come into dough and decides to try to convince the hicks that they’re married. An elaborate ruse, especially as she’s pulling her airstream down the claustrophobic country lane to reach the family homestead. Luckily, though the folks are bible hugging rednecks, they do recognize a ruse when they see one, and momma takes to dumping the mop water on Carmelita.

The surprise however is that the country folk, while portrayed as isolated and parochial are not the butts of a load of jokes. They’re treated surprisingly sympathetically, despite the moonshine, and the lack of trust for town folk and checks. They drive a horse and carriage and ignore the car salesman who swears he’ll give them good trade in value!

Free on prime and sometimes looks like the Zapruder film.

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