I Saw A Film!

One of these friends- have- a- rock- band, jealousies and drug use erupt, a pal dies, and they fall apart, and then get it back together in the final moments type movies. The antagonist is a thinly portrayed “evil” music industry with a fat cat who can promote various acts, but honestly seems to be doing the yokels a favor just putting them on stages. I’m a punk rock kid at heart and watching these sorts of stories that suggest the world cares about the merits of your hard work and devotion to arts will pay off (well, as long as you maintain a sliding scale of what you mean by payoff) get a bit under my skin. Of course, so many of the world’s most experienced and skillful musicians never garner fame or serious fortune it about serves as the best example (besides literally gambling) of the capriciousness of success.

The other strange conceit that will fill our heads is this strange idealization that any audence is an audience for any music. Folks wanting to headbang to some good hair metal are being expected to love a ballad heavy pop rock thing that closest sounds like Elton John with Eddie Hazel doing solos over it. of course there’s an audience for it but it does matter that a few thoughts are given to booking for the right pay off. Clancy Brown, about a year away from Highlander’s Kirgan, plays a manager who turns out to be gruff with a gold lining.

The film seems to have little to do with thunder or alleys and includes some very cloying drama and feels like an afternoon special – especially when you’re looking at Leif Garrett.

mindless fun for catching up on 80s fashion and free on prime! I can’t look at Roger Wilson without thinking about Porkies which I’m not planning to revisit.

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