I Saw A Film!

Another John Hughes teen romp/rom-com. A bit of coming of age, a bit of flubbed love, and a lot of awkward. Adorable young Molly Ringwald gets to wallow in self-pity as her family, entirely consumed with the marriage of Molly’s big sister, and the arrival of guests, actually forget her sixteenth birthday. As unlikely a scenario as that is, there isn’t a teenager who hasn’t half wanted to indignantly exercise the disappointment and casual cool that shrugging off such an oversight make make them feel. So mature!

Look at the list of careers being launched here. Not just Molly, but John Cusack and sister Joan, a super baby-faced Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Schoeffling, and Gedde Watanabe who helps push the strange racism home often having a ball with his character’s name Long Duk Dong. There is lots of flinging about of the epithet “fag” as well, and I can confirm such was in popular use in those years. I wouldn’t be long before the tag wouldn’t mean anything more than calling someone a “girl”, a “pussy” or a “queer” in that derogatory sense that can only imply these were things we didn’t want to be.

A chunk of the film is a simpering crush story, but crushing girl gives up her panties to a persistent but sympathetic clown friend who in a kind of Othello twist gets herself revealed as the boys pay to see the panties like a trophy.

also on prime for about 4 bucks and lots of fun for the baby-faces of many of these well known actors.

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