I Saw a Film!

We start with some grave robbers snatching a body, looking much like the Traveling Wilburys, sometime in the 19th century (or like Tom Petty and company c. 1988). The lovely med student daughter of the famous Dr. Frankenstein has returned home just in time for one of Pop’s most famous experiments. An experiment we get to see plenty of! I’m not exactly sure why certain directors think it’s entertaining to watch all sorts of technical steps by the doctor and his assistant as they fill syringes, move cables, attach clamps, trappan skulls . . . basically a step by step youtube video to create yourself a monster using lightening.

After a fascinating makeshift hanging–I’d never seen a well used for such a purpose, it seems a bit risky if you actually lose the body! but I’m betting wells have been used for just such purposes, the body is harvested. And harvested despite a certain investigator, played by Mickey Hargitay, letting the Frankensteins know he’s on to their despicable activities.

The elder Dr. Frankenstein reanimates a monstrous corpse that basically immediately kills poppa Frankenstein. Meanwhile Lady Frankenstein has fallen for Thomas a dimwitted but lovely young man who assists at the castle, and she figures out that the perfect man would be Thomas with the brain of the Doctor’s assistant . . . and so, we have the basis for the next experiment. The Seduced Thomas is killed and Lady F manages to transplant the brain. Hilarity to imagine, but a common enough theme.

Of course nothing good can come of this amazing success- and before long the angry fingers of a monster are wrapped around our lovely lady’s vulnerable throat while the flames lick the castle walls.

This runs Free on Prime and is an Italian delight.

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