I Saw a Film!

Enterprising landscaping teen works out a financial deal with the popular girl at school to improve his popularity. What no one expects is that this thousand bucks, originally earned for the nerd tool of a telescope, has been used to disrupt the natural socio-economic structures of a high school. The youngsters having spent a week or so pretending to be a couple have shifted the cosmic order of identities. A deep Confucian lesson in remaining in your place and making the best of it kind of ensues.

Dempsey is the unlovable nerd, Ronald, derided by the hot chicks and wholly uninteresting to the jocks until he spots an opportunity to leverage the late Amanda Petersen, playing Cindy, as she desperately tries to upgrade her outfit. Capitalism! The following lessons, hilarious as they are, end up as strained sit-com tropes by the time we’re adults looking back at this high school farce. Why our protagonist nerd turned cool by the now entirely open and sweet popular girl (who mousses his hair and tears the sleeves off his shirt) doesn’t bother to listen to the girl sharing her poetry, but instead takes every opportunity to degrade himself with the jocks.

His financial arrangement entirely worked if what he wanted was popularity leading to romance, he actually wins the girl with his shenanigans but hasn’t realized it. What follows is painful misunderstandings and further degrading circumstances. Finally, wielding a baseball bat our protagonist resolves a social issue by reminding everyone that they used to be kids together before all their newfound identities tore them apart. Thankfully only a milk carton gets injured.

In the end, on his Snapper lawn tractor Ronnie wears a cowboy hat and his nerdy galaxy shirt, mixing his interests and styles shattering the lines that the kids can’t understand how to cross. Cindy, of course, comes back after a slew of missed connections and spastically misunderstood conversations. But, as she mounts our hero’s steed, it’s once again about the comic negotiations of weekly dates and official dance requests.

I can only complain really about some of the logistics. Somehow no one recognizes the Halloween pranking despite it coming from the most obvious cargo van in the neighborhood.

Ronnie, hoping to snag a few dance moves off of American Bandstand, instead lands on PBS and imitates a traditional African dance that is meant to have something to do with anteaters. This little joke falls flat as far as I’m concerned as all dancing looks ridiculous. And it sweeps the dancefloor at school anyway.

And of course sex is bad the lovely little lasses who line up for Ronald and allow him opportunity for sweet intimacy are treated like sluts, of course, it’s a Hollywood ethics for the kiddos. What was Ronald after with his popularity anyway? Was he really just hoping to be in with the jocks in their cargo vans?

A fun old revisit of a silly teen movie from the 80s on Prime for 4 bucks and change.

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