I Saw A Film!

A kind of Dirty Harry, rogue cop out for justice story with a strange comic penchant weaving through the murderous sex trafficking scheme. There’s something only the Italians manage to get away with in these movies where lovely women are slaughtered in a kind of pointedly sadistic but stylish manner with funk music blasting along with their dubbed screams.

Claudio Cassinelli plays the intelligent-looking officer, Germi, who doesn’t reveal his alignment until long after acquiring the help of a common street thief with a face only an Italian mother could love. Protecting the youngster, while encouraging his hooker purse-snatching from a scooter Germi maintains a running gag about his John Lennon glasses getting broken over and over again. Lots of gags fill this film, a car chase leads to the rogue cop’s Pugeot falling apart bit by bit like something out of the old Pink Panther series. As they speed past a pedestrian the fellow doesn’t just fall out of the way but with the spry agility of Jackie Chan actually twirls on his head like a strange circus performer, not once but twice, and then gets up and walks into a utility pole. These events coupled with lovely women being slain feels wrong, lighthearted, but after a bit the film wins one over and we’re on Germi’s side trying to take down this crime syndicate. No one much is interested in the plight of prostitutes. And in another scene where three men are fighting over a pistol, when the pistol discharges it only hits the one prostitute out of the way leaning against the wall–a bullet magnet apparently. In the end, the story is one of justice facing the power of wealth. We’re all too familiar with the power of wealth, and there are those who argue that nothing should interfere with capital, but, once the wealthy control the law, the courts, or the stormtroopers . . . serious issues are likely to arise. Monarchy is not something we’re comfortable with.

The Italians love to shock with faces and styles. Some of the criminal types in these films couldn’t play anything but. All in all it’s a pleasure to watch Cassinelli, he’s just the right amount of arrogant and righteous, he makes me want to wear sports coats. it’s hardest to take the bombing of Germi’s pal who saves his life a number of times, and the music choice for the sequence where the doctors give up on saving him feels really inappropriate, but it’s a common enough vengeance crutch if given a trite melody. I should also point out that the young lady who dies with the side-kick is totally forgotten. Maybe she was vaporized.

This runs free on Prime and has some of the hippest film score you’ve heard since Dirty Harry. Perhaps appropriate for the weirdness of genre mashing.

including another poster for the boldness of selling the lady-killing

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