I Saw A Film!

An Abbott and Costello level horror movie spoof loaded to the hilt with weak gags that would amuse no one born after the turn of the last century. Despite a few name actors including Jeffrey Tambor (best known for Arrested Development these days) and Richard Benjamin (I always wished Benjamin and David Byrne would do something together) alongside his wife Paula Prentiss, most of this film toddles around with only the Christy McNichol look-alike sixteen year old Daughter character putting in some much needed damsel-in-distress efforts.

The film makes use of a smart young son character trope finding and opening the ever convenient evil book that unlocks a pile of monsters, which wander around and make a mess of the new/old home’s kitchen. Meanwhile a pair of classic vampires have been trying to purchase the place to get their hands on said book.

Most of the jokes revolve around near miss vampire bites, people not quite turning around to see the monsters, Benjamin’s unusual blasé attitude about the most dire of screams and ample use of dry ice for special effects. The actress who plays Yolanda (imdb says it’s Nancy Lee Andrews) the female vampire love of Jeffrey Tambor is gorgeous, it’s a shame she hasn’t more to do in this juvenile burped alphabet of a film.

I’m sure I saw it back in the day, but I recalled virtually nothing of it having probably fallen asleep.

free on Prime if you really can’t get enough of this sort of stale circus peanut of a film.

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