I Saw A Film!

The pretention here is that being a cop is somehow panty-dropping elixir to the ladies. Morgan Paull plays O’Neil, a young cop in a sleepy town tasked mostly with mild peace-keeping duties, which leaves him largely open to taking advantage of the multitude of ladies who vie for his attention. This includes some barely legal ones on a girl’s basketball team he coaches in his spare time.

Everything seems to be going along swimmingly for our fine police friends. Even O’Neil’s partner Lassiter manages to find a love life among the cuties inhabiting their little town. For a while the film seems to be about little more than showing off the lovely boobs of the actresses in all sorts of hokey scenarios. However, trouble is on the horizon and the boys will have to fight to defend the peace after one of their sweet ladies is raped by a gang of outsiders lead by a smirking baby-faced psychopath (who looks very familiar to me, but even with IMBD I can’t seem to locate who he was (a poor man’s Joaquim Phoenix)).

After an hour of the boys having a great time the full on violent finale including a knife to the crotch and a bucket-loader crushing seem a bit bent for our previous Henry Miller-esque pleasures. In many ways I feel like we don’t need this aspect of the story, I was quite fine just enjoying the ride with our fellows in blue. Right from the start when one cutie hops up on the hood of O’Neil’s cruiser comfortable knowing she’s beloved and happy to be sweet. It’s a kind of world I wish we lived in, instead of this world of ready indignation and just under the surface fear of violence.

This runs free on prime, and half the fun is the fashion and home-made feel of the thing.

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