I Saw A Film!

Seaside village with a long history of monster stories starts losing folks to what is apparently violent death at the hands of a monster. The town’s one hottie, set to tease us with her casual unconcern skinny dipping, is the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who has, unbeknownst to anyone, been feeding a critter something like the creature from the Black Lagoon. Meanwhile said hottie kicks her feet in the surf for her beau to grab and make her scream. Her beau is played by Don Sullivan immediately recognizable from the Giant Gila Monster and the Rebel Set (both Mystery Science Theater 3K staples). He shows off a marine tattoo on the beach. Jeanne Carmen plays the hottie and was a real life bud of Sinatra, Presley and Monroe. When she undresses though, there’s often a bigger dress on underneath.

Lighthouse Poppa keeps checking the time and calling her name, he’s irascible but he’s the one who has to be responsible for keeping the people safe from storms and other problems. So it’s kind of reasonable. He’s a bit like a silverback gorilla trying to keep the pod safe. His offers of nice liver dinners to keep his daughter home are pretty amusing. Soon the bodies are piling up, and the lackadaisical locals are up to their suspenders and babushkas in conjecture. The best parts are the kooky science the screenwriters invent for the plot. A bit of table-top dipping of samples reveals the flesh of a hithertofore thought extinct creature.

The monster makes a bold appearance in town, beheading one of the yokels and tossing resistance aside, marking the beginning of the end, as the monster is no longer a myth, and the pesky humans are able to easily track it down but get left in its wake in bad shape. Lucy manages to get the old man to tell the tale of his discovering the creature he felt sorry for and fed meat scraps to, due to his loneliness after sending his daughter off to school. This dangerous pet gave him a sense of identity and self worth, as they do. I once knew a lady who kept a Gaboon viper in a tank. I always expected that the stupid beast would kill her one day. Why people select dangerous pets to care for is interesting fodder.

A lot of nonsense is blown about getting the creature alive, evolution, and placing the town on the map, while our Lucy is looking for the dog named ring. Our first real view of the monster is when he corners our beauty, of course, and the fellows collecting a net need to get a move on. Of course, the creator of any monster by storybook law has to confront said monster in violence. And Lucy gets to climb a ladder with the wind blowing her slip up around her waist, as her heroic beau sends the creature back into the water from whence he came.

This runs free on Prime but has enough little variations on the typical Frankenstein’s monster to be a fun date night romp. Not sure why the poster is sold with the Okefenokee thriller, but it’s not here.

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