I Saw A Film!

This is your standard possessed-hand-found-in-a-Mexican-cave-tomb-killing-folks-and-causing-other-mischief. Samantha Eggar (from the old Collector movie, I need to revisit that one) and hubby, played by Roy Jenson visit some poor Mexican mummies (the same ones used by Herzog for his Nosferatu epic, which turn out to be a lot of poor victims of cholera), and sort of Indiana Jones it around in a dark tomb set with ground coffee for flooring. Before long some hokum about left hands missing and left hands being devil’s hands is floated around and sure enough a disembodied left hand materializes and starts finger-walking around and grabbing at damsel feet, and choking hustlers and old Murder, She Wrote and Fantasy Island guest stars and such.

Eventually our Samatha finds her way to Father such and such played by old TV and movie cowboy Stuart Whitman, a regular on Superboy, who passed earlier this year at 92, and we get more hilarity with the disembodied hand grabbing throats and pulling hair. Occasionally the hand somehow partner’s with your own left hand and so there’s some dedicated time to sawing off your own hand (many jokes used by outfits like the wonderful vampires in What We Do In the Dark could by mined here), you know the drill. Samantha Eggar looks great with her big, wide-set eyes looking all freaked-out and waving her arms around as the hand grabs her hair and she runs about acting like it could somehow pull her off her feet. Outtakes of this must have been oodles of giggling.

All in all, a very silly and forgettable TV movie level experience free on Prime and horribly misrepresented in poster art. You can almost bet on these sorts of things not being able to live up to the poster!

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