I Saw A Film!

A comic excuse for cute 1950s ladies to wear furry skirts talk like make-believe Indians and dominate some amused-looking men. We start off hearing from “Mother Nature” while looking at some Bush Gardens nature clips to set the stage. The main premise of the film is that there are two tribes one with ugly men and cute ladies, and the other with hunky fellows but unattractive ladies. I’ll go ahead and knock this pitch out of the park for you, the cute ladies, after a long series of nonsensical exchanges and a lot about a small alligator being their god, eventually wind up with a plan to kidnap them some of the hunky men.

There are some strong inadvertent laughs in this film. The long dancing bit for the ladies to sacrifice themselves to the “dragon” god looks like a bunch of high school girls were told to dance for a camera without any particular style or direction offered. The result is some hilarious swaying about and trance-like vibrating. Another long sequence, no doubt meant to be thrilling, ends up so funny it hurts– has Omoo, the lead cutie, wrestling the tiny alligator/god and soundly beating it up in an underwater shot that goes on and on. The poor little “god” with mouth held firmly shut and the lady twisting around with it is as passive as could be while our heroine pretends it’s putting up a battle. Good Job! There’s more, but I’d hate to give it all away.

In the end, of course, the uglies wind up together and the pretty people wind up together. How thoughtful! There’s no attempt to reconcile a sweet personality with a too tall girl, or even a cartoonish brute with his hunky body. I know the defense here would have been, hey lighten up! It’s just a dumb comedy–look at the legs, or whatever, but it just speaks to the lack of effort put forth. I feel like any group of semi-talented high school drama kids would have done more with the idea.

This is free on Prime and is a sexless silliness worth a good laugh. This poster, as usual, really overplays the tiniest of implications. There’s a DVD of the Film Crew (Rifftrax just before the launched Rifftrax) doing this film that is well worth the few bucks.

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