I Saw A Film!

Ah Road Warrior spawned a whole genre of dirty, flaming, dusty, motorhead films. This one, a Santiago production, features a post apocalyptic Pilipino-based (though the stars are still Anglo) desert war over resources, especially water (the future culture makes the ugliest and least functional wicker junk I’ve ever seen). Lucky for us the great David Carradine stars as a cloaked hero who indulges his anger with sword blows to rusty cans. Of course, carelessly evil warlords wreck havoc on peaceful villagers and of course, they go too far killing innocents and other blondes. In a Seven Samurai move, one of the blondes heads off into the desert to locate, of course, the Dune Warrior Carradine as Michael, a smiling fellow with graying hair, but not before she’s set upon by throngs of dwarves.

Of course, there’s plenty of furs and swords and fuzzy boots (as opposed to band t-shirts and PJ-bottoms we now know will be the costumes most prevalent). Headbands are a thing, though no one wears a hat in the sun. But we are treated to an all nude communal lady bathing in the grotto.

The film owes a great debt to Seven Samurai, it’s basically Seven Samurai of the post – apocalypse. Except with much worse weapons training sequences and paltry social interactions. The gawky romance is hard to keep in mind, but it it’s a hinge-pin of the undoing of the defense. Most of the second half of the film is the tattered crew of defenders forced out of their town, discovering a cache of weapons and fighting their way back in. It’s easy to laugh at the silliness of the action, but the film is about 80% action. The main antagonist William, played by Luke Askew from such major films as Cool Hand Luke and Easy Rider, has to end up in a one on one with Carradine, of couse. Little is very exciting unfortunately.

free on Prime! It bothers me a bit that this Philippine product features mainly Western actors with the Philipine actors doing the stunts and playing the background extras. I suppose the market, being the West, has much less pay off for Asian features.

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