I Saw a Film!

A couple of Italian body builders have to fight an army of Italian orcs, well, furry guys anyway, sent by a powerful dark Italian witch (wearing a kind of Greek bronze helmet but otherwise nothing else) who spends much of her time squirming around with constrictors, to save the world from evil. What else? In the arsenal is a magic bow that glows and creates its own electric arrows (drawn right onto the film, that old special effect). The arrows can divide and multiply and take out hoards if need be.

The world in this film is extra fuzzy, as the actors are mostly super-imposed on it. But it’s still weirdly out of focus for much of the run. Our heroes are sort of buddy cops with bronzer and while the sword and sorcery don’t really break any new ground, it’s fair to say that we’re deep in furry boots territory, but the creatures and action are entertaining. Though some of the weapons and responses are hilarious. A moment of inept nunchuck swinging has a group of evil soldiers hilariously floored.

The gore is heaped on a bit, at one point a woman is literally torn asunder limb by limb by the furry beast guys, and at another point a skin irritation gets a bit extra gooey, you may not wanna be enjoying your pizza during that.

This runs free on prime!

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