I Saw A Film!

The trailer of this film definitely evoked far more allure and excitement than the actual product, though, the product isn’t terrible! However, there are many long segments mainly of Doug McClure wandering around in a down vest and pointing out grossly mangled dog corpses.

The story is basically about a new cannery that has been dumping growth hormone into the sea and mutating . . . I’m not sure what species, but the monsters, a number of seaweed covered anthropoids, are raising all kinds of hell, killing some folks and exposing the lovely boobs of others. This film has a certain Creature from the Black Lagoon feel, but with a much more menacing set of creatures. We don’t get lovely underwater ballet of creature and Julie Addams legs, we get girls dragged across sand and ripped bikinis. Oh, and lots of gory bodies from dogs to fellow humans.

Eventually McClure comes up with an environmentally disastrous plan to set the bay on fire. This seems to work except for one poor lass who ends up having to give birth to one, Alien style, straight through her belly. The Yuck factor is pretty strong, but I remember loving this film as a young monster-movie aficionado, it seemed to have it all. Monsters, boobs, gross-out, and explosions. They just don’t make em like that anymore! It’s a Corman product and the director, a lady named Peeters directed the the mess. I just read on Wikipedia that she also did some Remington Steele. This film was also apparently released in Europe under the simple title Monster, despite there being several monsters.

This is running free on Prime and has at its center a sad story of racism when the dogs are all killed. A Native American is blamed his dog destroyed. So be aware of the dog-death factor. I’d entirely forgotten this shitty aspect of the film. I also enjoy the old films where the lovely lady scientist works out the secrets. Good fun all around except for the dog deaths.

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