I Saw A Film!

When you’re looking at a cutie like Ewa Aulin, a sweet-faced, blonde blue-eyed exaggeratedly innocent-looking Olympic beauty you’re basically ready to watch her do most anything. What is delivered is a really fun, if at times a little obviously male-fetishy, absurdist collage of playful events that Ewa as Candy, must navigate in order, at least ostensibly, to acquire some experiences.

To help this Alice in Wonderland film along are a slew of major stars in some hilarious roles, starting with Ringo Starr as a disappointingly, badly voiced Mexican gardener, Richard (freaking) Burton as Mephisto (actually McPhisto) a celebrated and pompous poet, Marlon Brando as an amazingly silly Hindu-styled guru with a rolling box-truck temple. James Coburn, in one of his best silly roles since Flint, there’s also John Huston, John Astin, and Walter Matthau as a kooky military man.

Not surprisingly Buck Henry and Terry Southern are responsible for the enjoyable mess which has relationships to things like adventure films, Alejandro Jodorowski meeting the variety of bizarre gun-fighters, and a teaspoon of Harold and Maude for good measure. Since there’s no real purpose to the story, the plot isn’t particularly interesting. Apparently Ewa didn’t last long in films and at the ripe old age of 23 she moved on with her life.

This is running free on Prime, and well worth the fun of the performances, like none you’ve seen before, and Candy’s –like Barbarella’s–sweet means of winning her situations. Unarmed, and without ass-kicking, melts the concoction.

4 thoughts on “Candy (1968)

    1. YES he’s fantastic. And the strange shot through the floor while the booze gets dumped is really funny . . . imaginative stuff.
      it’s a great use of a pile of classic actors mostly playing against type.


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