I Saw A Film!

Too often, when we imagine the future, we end up even more steeped in our current fashion and style. Very few films manage to break that mold. Dune created a whole universe, and to a great extent so did Blade Runner. These films didn’t just exaggerate the current look and feel, but Vicious Lips is just hair metal girls from the 80s riding on a pile of high school stage effects. There are sequences of hanging sheets with colored lights behind them for the actors to run around like kids in an 1950s backyard. Are we supposed to imagine the laundry room of the spaceship? Oh yeah, this is a spaceship taking our band of young ladies, who play bizarrely reimagined instruments to produce really trite 80s pop, that ends up providing a bit of an adventure. Nothing was put into making the music sound unusual as they needed to have a girl band behave like a normal girl band with a singer vying for the front spot. Basically all the effort was poured into huge hair and colorful makeup.

Soon enough the griping ladies crash on the way to the show, but on a desert planet where their manager ends up out in the sand, finding lovely naked women (luckeeee). Meanwhile the band chicks stay on board with a Killer toothy man-monster that stalks them for most of the film (I think he was there because he was a captured murder, supposedly of 5000 women, being transported to another prison, but I’m unsure). Also, a pile of undead creatures show up. They try to eat one of the cuties, but are interrupted by the monster, then the monster catches our cutie, but the zombies interrupt him. Out of alternate captures, the film switches into a trippy dream sequence. I’ve read the ending was changed in the edit, possibly the whole film was plotted there. Do the girls finally get their dream gig? Well the weird aardvark puppet MC at the show looks like the best part of the film!

This runs free on prime and is cheap, silly fun. I miss poofy hair.

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