I Saw A Film!

In the swamps of Louisiana, a pair of brothers work at using the resources of nature from their floating platform. An interesting sequence of them collecting Spanish Moss using long pole hooks was a curiosity I’d never witnessed, I still do not know what the piles of Spanish Moss, growing from the limbs of trees, like massive beards, in very humid zones, is used for. I’ve never seen it commercially collected before! Soon enough a rivalry over a girl breaks out, and they get into some childish fisticuffs over a marriage to the lady who played Thelma Lou on the old Andy Griffith Show.

This little rivalry is just a sideshow though. Before long a cute Blonde, who starred in the Hideous Sun Demon, arrives in a helpless state and is taken in by the newlywed couple. She immediately begins to undermine love and marriage, and then flits off to tease the brother, and fight with a Gris-Gris woman (a kind of indigenous voodoo lady) who stole her fancy rings. Eventually the fellows find a story in a paper of a woman in a nearby town having suffered a suicide with the same name as our hussy. In a long backstory sequence we see the hussy originally hired as a companion for a wheelchair bound lady, but that the companion ends up more a playmate for the husband, and soon enough causes the invalided wife to die and steals the rings before she’s chased off by the enraged husband.

Lots of fists get thrown about and the little blonde has to plead and dance like a cute version of Ric Flair before she escapes, without her rings, and, in the end, roadside stranded, ostensibly, seems to be managing to hook another potential caretaker.

The funny part of the story is that since there seems to be only one other woman in the story, Thelma Lou, who mysteriously trusts and protects the Louisiana Hussy, we miss out on the female angle that would have sussed this out. In general even if all the men are taken in by the beauty and tales of woe, a woman or two in the scene would usually show some skepticism, to put it mildly. For some reason Thelma Lou, being an exceptionally sweet trusting soul, doesn’t see through the ruse.

This old, very black and white (like contrast way up) film is running free on Prime and fun to see a bit of old Louisiana swamp life that’s probably changed a good bit over the last sixty years. Sadly if you’re hoping for some hot sexy sequences they are nearly non-existent!

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