I Saw A Film!

In terms of expectations an Alien rip-off with some soft-core porn seemed like a great idea. I mean picture any version of the original franchise and just load it up with hot skimpily clad ladies, what could go wrong? Of course, on delivery the soft-core porn aspect is very gauzy (I mean one featured scene is just the lady antagonist getting a bareback massage) and the sparse Alien elements are rather limited to the birthing (thanks Alien) and a singular hallway stalk. Most of the film is thickened with posturing and extremely laughable dialog. Just say the title to yourself a couple of times and you’ll get the feel of the thing.

The protagonist, a former prisoner in a lovely-lady space prison full of working cuties hitting rocks with little hammers and crawling around in short dresses, is a petite brunette who hams up a tough attitude to bring down the sexy infectress scratching her sex partners and thereby delivering aliens all over. Though, most of that is just being suggested as the ladies writhe around on a bed together, in some sort of endless foreplay ecstasy.

I’m sure there’s some double cross and possibly a minor romantic interest side story, but frankly, we’re not watching this film for that outcome. One wonders why they bothered sending an agent to undermine the operation, when in fact, they were just launching missiles anyway, but hey, people can change their minds in the real world.

This runs free on prime and will definitely make you laugh, though it’s unlikely to impress you with either the sexiness or the monsters. More likely it’ll impress you with how cheaply it’s made as well as how much it owes to us understanding how the film Alien worked.

I generally picture these sorts of films coming out of a house with a list of cool-ass titles produced by a 14 year old that get applied regardless of content. Though I suppose “Somewhat Sexy Alien Rip-Off” isn’t really much of a grabber.

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