I Saw A Film!

What we have here is classic 70s sleuth and hard to accept romance junk with a paltry soundtrack. We get car and boat chases and a bit of rough stuff, but most of this film just doesn’t bring the mustard by modern standards. Granted, these days if they don’t spend about four-hundred pistol cartridges, or have a gas bomb go off every few minutes boredom may set in, and I’m not complaining that, at least, we can avoid such crutches here with some not quite wide-open story-telling. See, we spend half the film thinking Sutherland is a thief, only to realize he’s something more difficult to comprehend, a kind of undercover detective / insurance agent. Huh? Have I ever seen an insurance agent detective? So yeah, we see him tinkering with cars, and talking rough to bosses (always fun when none of us can get away with it (most of us can’t afford it) why doesn’t his cool blow his cover?). We see him flirting with O’Neill who I liked best in Summer of ’42, (oh it kinda does blow his cover), as she’s a quarry he’s basically investigating toward understanding the track of some jewel thieves. I’ve never been much on the thieves thing, and most of the diamond talk, and close-ups are rather meh. Diamonds are one of those things that have some value as hard stones that can do some good cutting edges, but the reality is, like bit-coin and paper money, they really aren’t very valuable. We’ve just sort of agreed they are. After all, what’s really valuable, water, air, food, love . . . we tend to forget to make super cool movies about. Well, maybe we do the love stuff.

One sequence in this rather dragging story(and again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing) has the lady and Donald out skin-diving with scuba gear. Her idea of being playful is to lure him in for an underwater kiss and instead yank his mask off and swim away, not that cute. It’s also a bit hard to imagine that in the midst of all this thieving activity and sleuthing, that he’s got time for his hobbies. I have a tendency to get kinda focused when people invade my home, but that’s me, I don’t live the on the edge life of insurance investigation.

To make matters a bit more confused, Robert Duvall, as the actual law, is close by, watching the risky behavior and expecting to make the collar. Or is he actually working tightly with our insurance sleuth? What is nice about the older films is that they don’t treat us like idiots, they let us observe and wonder and make our own conclusions, not every avenue needs to be fully explained and laid out (something more modern cinema seems to have adopted for modern ADD, or maybe to fit in better with Bollywood!).

This is running free on Prime here in ‘murika and has some merits I wish would make a solid return to film-making. Sutherland has some appealing grins. The music choices are odd, but I guess not everyone could get Herbie Hancock.

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