I Saw A Film!

Here we have your boiler-plate sell-your-soul-to-the-devil feature. A grizzly senior citizen, in bad need of a haircut maintains a hexagon (yeah I guess the pentagon so oft associated with ritual and paganism hadn’t been made standard yet) under a rug that, when dabbed with the blood of farm animals, allows him to sell his soul “for 2yrs” according to a handwritten contract. He lives in a puny village with one gas station, one hottie, and one doctor, and instead of wishing for wealth, or a life in a better place with more amenities, instead just asks to be younger so he can vie for the attentions of the one cutie in town. Well it works! He pretends to come to town as a nephew no one knew existed and gets told his creepy uncle was not well liked. And so, he whips out, and postures over the hexagon again, kills another baby critter and causes some accidents. One of the more elaborate accidents involves him shape shifting into a horse and trampling a fellow. A running problem is the fiancé of the hottie he’s working on, and so the fiancé gets a damaged face.

Jean Allison plays the beauty and in reviewing a bit of her work, which is tons of television from a Bat Masterson series (I didn’t even know such existed) to the Dick Van Dyke Show, to a one season miss called Hong Kong in 1961. Hong Kong was about western journalists following criminal leads in Hong Kong. I’m betting that didn’t reek of pungent racism. The first episode featured a Japanese war criminal leaving a trail of bodies in Hong Kong. Perfect. Anyway, back to our film at hand, rolling down the list of principals in this drama it’s primarily television work these actors were known for. The antagonist actually starred in a Jackie Chan feature, as well as the great but terrible Riding With Death feature that got severely parodied by Mystery Science Theater 3000 years ago.

This film cannot come close to living up to its promotional poster, and sadly is a masterful sleep aid.

Running freebie on Prime here in the good ole USA. It’s still better than half of those home-made computer graphics features, that I wouldn’t even qualify as movies, that they push on Netflix.

5 thoughts on “Devil’s Partner (1961)

    1. I don’t think either of us could! The blonde vixen mounted on a mad minotaur, wielding a flaming club while rampaging a lightening lit graveyard . . . I mean, fuck yeah, we need to make that movie!

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