I Saw A Film!

I mixed up James Remar with Michael Pare. I also mixed up Michael Wincott with an unnamed extra in this film. I feel bad, so many actors so little recognition ability. I mostly use IMDB to correct my loopy connection failures. There’s no mixing up Burt with anyone though. Nor Liza for that matter. Though Liza is trying to be Barbara (60s Kooky Barbara) in this one, there’s something missing in the absolutely not capricious feel of the subject matter. What I mean is, while Liz is being cute, having her kinky, nerdy John (she’s a hooker) get gunned down incidentally by a killer, just isn’t particularly cute. One would imagine seeing such a horror would tend to sober up even the most whimsical clown.

Burt’s a former cop, but just because he’s been let go by the department doesn’t mean he’s not in the middle of the criminal enterprise. He also can’t seem to keep his jobs straight, as a department store Santa he pulls a gun on a thief, costing him that job as well. James Remar, always good in whatever he does, is a crappy dancer who puts on a tinted biker helmet and shoots and grenades everything in sight. He also stabs ladies on the street. Not a nice fellow, and he gets the scary character right. His best line, however, is his incredulous “Shut up.” when Liza tries to bond with him as a dancer, he clearly doesn’t believe she was in some production or other.

well you know, push comes to shove, bang bang bang, boom boom boom . . . Sigh. You really can overdose on these formulaic action films. There really are no memorable sequences and just having Burt in a bathtub getting his neck momentarily massaged for about 30 seconds by Liza does not make it sexy. It was sexier when she was being Little Red Riding Hood for her John, poor guy.

This runs free on prime in the good ole, USA but you won’t remember it 10 mins after viewing. Seriously.

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