I Saw A Film!

Apparently a Michael Crichton story about malfunctioning robotics and the men and women who are charged with protecting the public from them, though, in this case, it’s not so much malfunctioning that immediately becomes the issue. It’s Kiss front man Gene Simmons, the kabuki demon bassist himself, who’s messing with the electronics and swapping out integrated circuits and fostering a menace of these chunky and inept machines. More frightening are his mini-missiles fired from a handheld pistol that can go around corners and find their targets. So the film quickly races off into other terror offense issues as it rapidly bores with the idea of automatons and their abilities to hold kids hostage.

This movie looks like something from the 50s early 60s. It really doesn’t take long for the technical aspects of crap films set in the future to be surpassed by actual technology real world tech. going back to this nearly comic old Tom Selleck snooze really feels long distance. We open with a robot picking tomato hornworms off corn (apparently in the future they switch hosts), another however is just mowing the corn down. So, the cops are called in to chase it down and jump on it. Later a bot in a house has picked up a handy pistol and rampages a house. These are just boxes with claws, not mechanical men unfortunately. Batteries are apparently well beyond modern capabilities, rampaging machines last and last.

I have to say Simmons is a pretty good face for an antagonist and Cynthia Rhodes (later to be in basically all the 80s dance films) is a cute side-kick for Selleck. Kirstie Alley is the wayward assistant to the evil-doer, but you won’t remember much of what’s on offer. In fact, I just watched it and I can’t quite tell you much more. Some of the evil guy’s robots are like wind-up toys apparently loaded with syringes. Sometimes it seems like more efficient means of pursuing your bad-guy goals might make for just as good a film. But, if we’re to take the Batman (the sixties spoof, not the many unfunny modern follow-ups) method as a solid entertainment form, the more creative the terror the better. I’ve played a few first-person shooters that had fairly terrifying mechanical spider targets, but somehow the efforts seem more muppet-like here.

running free on American Prime and once we saw Robocop this film wouldn’t even manage to collect dust.

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