I Saw A Film!

Stop pretending you invented women’s liberation and strong lead roles for the ladies. Every generation loves to pretend it did it first, and relish the idea of trench fighting against all the resistance (every man a misogynist, we end up thinking it’s true), with some reinvention of freaking Wonder Woman (face it, those films are bad). But screw you millennials, Famke was there already. Kicking ass, taking names, model by day, super hero at night. Just because you didn’t see the film and it didn’t get spread around the internet like a covid virus doesn’t mean it wasn’t essential.

Well, it’s not essential, of course, but it’s also not bad. Famke is lovely to look at, does passable fight scenes, I’m not kidding! I think she actually trained some TKD or something. She flings her big feet around pretty well. Her turning kicks look well practiced. When she lands on the car of the wrong-doers and they ask, “Who are you?!” She doesn’t snark and threaten them, she instead smiles winningly through her mask and says that she’s their dream girl! Fantastic!

I will say that, like many martial arts action films, they’ve gotten confused about what constitutes martial arts and so we get some gymnastic floor routines. People back-flip and cartwheel into fights. They look a bit like Salvatore Belomo from the old WWF. In my mind it’s a bit like your hero just dropping into a burpee competition in the middle of a fist fight. But they certainly aren’t the only folks who confuse fitness with fighting.

Model By Day is much better than many films that intend to take advantage of a social progressiveness (I won’t say it’s just cynicism) and they didn’t even have the opportunity to sell themselves hard on that indignation train (I promise). So we just get a fun movie with lovely ladies to look at, and crime fighting! Hell, this is what models should be doing! I’m just going to go ahead and say, I love it.

This is running free on Prime (USA) and while the film is a bit dated, if you like lovely ladies and you like action films, there’s nothing not to love here.

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