I Saw A Film!

Jeff Goldblum (one of the creepy rapists in Death Wish) and Ed Begley Jr. (Maria Bamford’s dad on Lady Dynamite) are sent by Norman Fell (the landlord in The Graduate) to write a crap story for a crap newspaper in Transylvania, which is inhabited by John Byner, the ever cute Carol Kane and Michael Richards doing a baby version of Kramer. The mayor, played by the Principal from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, and his group of misfits, attempt to put a not-wacky face on their hometown for the newspaper boys. What follows is a terrible, completely unfunny, snooze of a film. When things go this wrong I might look into who is responsible and the name supplied by IMDB is Rudy De Luca, who penned for the Carol Burnett Show, wrote Spaceballs, and was involved with Mel Brooks. He also wrote Caveman, that really silly Ringo Starr film that I actually bunked school to go see as a sixteen year old kiddo. Caveman has a similar feel to this awful collection of pratfalls and eye-rolls. Without Richards basically being ridiculous they’d have Gina Davis in a skimpy vampire outfit and Kane being silly and that’s about it.

The story ends up being about the actual existence of some popular movie monsters, though their location being pressed into Transylvania isn’t particularly reasonable. It’s just goofy. The fellows do a reasonable job being gawky and awkward, but when they’re having to deal with Richards pushing a puppet into their faces and saying “It’s good, no?” from a centimeter away they really have no further material to draw on. You can’t out gawk Richards. There are several sequences where people are just kind of running from one end of a set to the other in a fluster that just doesn’t seem funny to me. This stuff might work on Three Stooges fans, possibly. This kind of physical comedy, while practically universal just feels so flat-footed and vulgar that it’s hard to even crack a smile. And it isn’t that these people aren’t talented they’re just being totally misused.

Nothing is what it seems is the general premise of the film, though what you have to slog through to get that classic roughage digested is senseless and depressing. But, then, comedies, like favorite polkas, are supremely subjective. This one just doesn’t work for me.

It’s Free on Amazon Prime and has an ill-advised hook-up approach where a fellow tells his buddy to go play with a little girl while he hits on the mom!

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