I Saw A Film!

A rich kid with a cushy, do-nothing job at his father’s very successful manufacturing firm is obsessive about his wind surfing and pitches an idea for a water tank wind-surfing business that the Japanese are crazy about during a corporate meeting. Meanwhile he and his expensive hair-do manage to do some meaningless surfing trick that only Nicole Kidman sees. Later, as he brags about his stunt, the fellows don’t believe him, and he sees Nicole Kidman singing on TV and claims that she’s the only one who witnessed it.

So begins one of the worst and most criminal “romantic” pursuits in film history. Our young lout stalks, lies, and cheats his way to getting to know the singer. He forcibly kidnaps her, he also pays to have her kidnapped again. In between, of course, the lass falls for bits of his immature charm. I was a bit surprised that right after she drops him flat, she’s in a shower with him. So maybe this is rom-com done Aussie style? The lead here, an actor I don’t know from anything, was apparently born in Canada and raised in New Jersey, England, and Australia.

We get a pointless event with a shark. We get a working fellow showing him plans for improving windsurfing boards. We see Nicole singing a bit of 80s hair pop. And finally we get to the competitive windsurfing thing where we’re meant to understand what’s going on even though it’s largely unfathomable from our tidbits of surfing footage. The film is really meant to be a kind of coming together of two very different social cultures to give us a sweet couple, but it’s hard to care much at all about two so privileged people. I suppose much the same could be said of any of the old Beach Blanket, Frankie and Annette outings, but at least those were meant to be positively silly fodder for outright children and we weren’t really privy to the class relationships of the players. This is a bit like needing to follow the antics of the royals, or lifestyles of the rich and famous. Viv Albertine’s punk rock diaries this is not.

So, all in all, it’s a twee little rom-com probably only interesting because we get glimpses of a young kidman’s breasts. Again most of what occurs here in terms of pursuing a romantic interest would get you prison time, if you aren’t rich and cute, and maybe even then!

Free on Prime (USA)

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