I Saw A Film!

With Nicholson and Beatty as a couple of ne’er-do-wells looking for a shot at capturing a chunk of capital from a tampon heiress through a complicated scheme of Beatty romancing her, and then marrying her to Nicholson, who plays one of his kookiest simpleton roles here. The fellows manage to hole up with said heiress watched over by Bernice from Fish who enjoys a show of strange goings-on, and spectacularly fail to bring about the hoped for wealth.

Stockard Channing plays the ditzy heiress, mad at daddy, not only falling happily in love with Beatty, but seemingly without a clue as to the motivations of the fellows. The fellows have a plan to steel a tenuously garnered cash gift from Channing, but at the same time have both become enamored as well as driven by the hopes of fortune.

Eventually, typing a suicide note, the goofs decide to invent a suicide for their heiress. They get her plastered, stick her in a trunk with a plan to dump her into a river off a bridge. But, then, like an old Stooges routine, as they block the tiny country bridge, and begin to move the trunk, the cars start showing up, first one, then another, perfectly timed to create a hell of a blockage. The fellows wonderfully ape being innocently on the bridge and finally get their trunk reloaded and off to the ocean, where, while Beatty is distracted by random people (one of the random lovers is Christopher Guest in a tiny early role!), Nicholson’s Oscar has slid the trunk off into the sea soon out of reach of the boys. This of course, will not do for a suicide! But there’s nothing they can do so they return home and try to develop a story for the police, while assuming Channing’s heiress dead.

Of course the lass survives and washes up safely on shore, finds a ride from an amorous stranger and makes her way back just as the boys have developed a preposterous story about her death, leaving everyone mystified. Good harmless fun from a boned-up scheme of amour and greed.

This is running free on Prime USA and reminds us of Nicholson’s enjoyable capacity, and playing off Beatty as straight man, and Channing as somewhat homely sexy bomb is great fun. The sequence when Nicholson convinces her to sit on his lap is worth the investment alone.

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